Digital Currency- Risk and Benefits

The saga of coin currency has reached its presence almost everywhere including the favorite mall where we shop for the trendiest and fashionable accessories and clothing, using the digital currency, voila that is simply awesome as there is no need to carry the bulky purse and cash-laden wallets that you often misplace. The coin currency and Bitcoin have become synonymous to the digital currency using it as an equivalent cash system that is often traded through a software system that is both independent and free from stringent regulation.

Confirming transaction only by miners is the way to ensure the continuous supply of the currency that is selling like hot cakes, literally introduced by an expert who never would have thought for the phenomenal growth of this parallel currency system in the financial world to exist and traded widely.


  • with transactions that cannot be reversed, as they are immutable and cannot be removed as they are stored in the blocks of the technology underlying the digital currency system,
  • with no trace of the user or seller of the coin currency transactions, anonymity being the major advantage for users who do not wish to fall within the regulated chain of legal issues
  • the push technology in the digital world is unique as it prompts the user to send information only to the extent the seller requires, without having to push through all the details like in case of credit cards
  • as they are not bound by exchange rates that are rallied in the forex markets and impact the financial world immensely
  • the price volatility has, in fact, made the retail investors take a cautious approach, and deal in a significant digital currency that has appreciated over the decade and continues to grow


  • as the currency is not backed by the government they have implication in the potential investment pattern of the traders and investors in the digital space
  • regulators and policymakers have started monitoring the movement and trading of cryptocurrencies as they are hugely pumped with money from mysterious sources
  • as the control of your money in form of coins is completely in the dark without having any link with the source of central monitoring, dubious platforms are highly operative that leads to frauds and high-level scams

The key concept of making this form of currency popular is not the potential inherent risk but the tremendous growth pattern that investors have waited for the currency in the digital world to grow.