LottaNZB 0.6 Daily Builds available

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In the past months, I wrote two posts about the progress of LottaNZB 0.6, but no code was released for testing. This is because some important features of LottaNZB 0.6 were not yet implemented and also, the overall stability of the application needed to be improved. In June, LottaNZBs development was as active as never before. There were a staggering number of 310 commits. All of them have contributed to LottaNZB 0.6 getting closer to a release and ready for testing.

Its a pleasure for me to announce the availability of a brand-new PPA with daily builds of LottaNZB 0.6 (ppa:lottanzb/daily-build). It provides packages for both Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04. Additionally, as LottaNZB 0.6 requires SABnzbd 0.5.2 or newer, which is not available in these versions of Ubuntu, its recommended to use the SABnzbd PPA (ppa:jcfp/ppa) maintained by JCFP which always contains the latest version of SABnzbd. Instructions on how to add these PPAs to your software sources can be found by following the two links.

Launchpad.net is currently in the process of gaining an exciting new feature called recipes, allowing developers to request PPA builds from a source branch using only a few clicks. This greatly lowers the barrier for testing, as adding a PPA is much easier than downloading the source and its dependencies, building and installing it. From the view of the developer, less time is wasted preparing releases and writing release announcements ;-) . Most importantly, fixes are made available much quicker, tightening the feedback loop between developers and testers.

As with all pre-release software, its important for you to know that the daily builds will not be perfectly stable. This is the whole point of daily builds, as I recommend all testers to report any bugs, glitches, papercuts, etc. so that they can be fixed before the actual release of LottaNZB 0.6. You can report bugs by directly visiting LottaNZBs project page. Its even better to run

ubuntu-bug lottanzb

in a terminal, causing relevant files like logs and configuration files to be attached to the bug report automatically. By default, those bugs will not be visible to anyone except you and the LottaNZB Development Team. Additionally, most of the sensitive information like usernames and passwords is removed beforehand.

Also, please note that unfinished downloads will not be migrated from LottaNZB 0.5 (HellaNZB-based) to LottaNZB 0.6 (SABnzbd-based). The final version of LottaNZB 0.6 might do that. In the meanwhile its recommended to complete all downloads before making the switch to LottaNZB 0.6.

Of course, it would not only be great to get bug reports, but also general feedback regarding LottaNZB 0.6. You can also ask questions here or at Launchpads Answer section. Unfortunately, its only possible to use PPAs on Ubuntu and its derivatives. Of course, users of other distributions are also encouraged to participate in testing. Youre free to get LottaNZBs source code and follow the instructions in the README file.

Besides tons of bug fixes, new features have also been introduced since the last progress report. Originally, I wanted to give you an overview of the most interesting additions, but while going through the commit log, I noticed that there were just too many of them to cover in the blog post about daily builds. This is why the new features will be presented in a separate post in the near future.

Happy testing!