The IPO and ICO How Different are they?

Ownership of projects and heavily investing in the new technology of ICO has become a popular way to venture into the crypto world without having to go through many regulations and participate easily in the coin offerings. The mechanism of ICO is similar to IPO that traditional stock markets offer, however, the parties interested in offerings are usually different, the public companies and government agencies are interested in the stock offers. Traditional companies and public sector along with high net worth investors form a greater part in the initial public offerings by established companies.

Billions of money raised so far in the ICO foray that even the ICO have not managed to garners so much crowdfunding around the world, they crowd sale and the Crypto Soft Review is important. The tokens and if you are an initial participant, and the crypto markets and the Crypto Soft trading platform look good in the future, the benefits will be sky high for sure. The inherent risk is there in any form of investments, the only thing being the liquidity factor that is high on investments made in traditional markets.

The IPO vs the ICO

  • IPO’s have been in the business for long, there are many companies who go public to raise funds as against the share of their company is issued, the reputation, the financials are all basis for the subscription into the IPO, unlike the ICO which is still in the infant stage, some of the startups’ have not yet seen the daylight has had a hard time
  • there is still a lot of regulatory oversight when it comes to the ICO, unlike the highly regulated initial public offerings and due diligence that companies have to follow before going for the fundraising
  • as an exclusive offer for the existing shareholders IPO is not open to all, there could be restrictions laid down by the SEC in limiting the offer to a certain set of public or only to the shareholders of the company, ICO is open to all without any restriction on the location,
  • the shareholders are given a portion of the profits in form of dividend once the company turns the funds, invests them and makes a profit, however, the ICO the strategy is to promote the services and its platform

The duration of the ICO is shorter than the traditional IPO that runs for a longer time, increasing the owners’ rights and the ownership of the platform and token utility.